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Monday, February 25, 2013

Firestorm Battle in Mogilev- Forward Det. vs Grens

Turn 2, game 4 of our Firestorm Campaign has finally arrived! The Assault on Mogilev! I ran the Forward Detachment, and Sean ran Grenadiers. We decided the entire board was slow going, with the craters difficult. Sean elected to use the Festerplatz fortifications. Sean's Grenadiers were out of command, but rolled a 5 and were thus unaffected. Evidently, they were well stocked! The mission is Pincer.

Steven's Forward Detachment
  • HQ + Komissar
  • Motorstrelkovy with 2 Platoons, Komissar, and HMG
  • 10x T-34s w/ tank escorts and Cupolas
  • Spetsnaz (1 section)
  • 4x SU-122s w/ tank escorts
  • 2x IS-2s w/ tank escorts (Firestorm)
  • Pioneer company w/ 3 platoons (Firestorm)
Sean's Grenadiers
  • HQ + Panzerfaust upgrade + Windgruber
  • Grenadier 1: Full strength with attached panzerschreck
  • Grenadier 2: Full Strength
  • HMG Platoon (combat attached to grenadiers- 2 ea)
  • 2x Tiger IE (Every Shot Counts)
  • Looted T-70
  • Captured Armored Train (2 heavy cars, 2 tank hunter cars)
  • Panzerpioneers (Firestorm)


The board. Sean's Grenadiers in the train station, Panzer pioneers behind them. Grenadier 2 behind the grain silo. We both totally blanked and sean didn't put anything in ambush.

Big guns on the left flank.

T-34s in the center, Pioneers on the right.

Pioneers ready to clear the way.

Grenadiers and Panzerpioneers cover the forward objective.

The train station.

Train station detail.

Steven's Forward Detachment
    Sean's Grenadiers
    • 2x Tiger IE
    • Armored Train
    • Looted T-70

    Steven's Forward Detachment: Strelkovy, IS-2s, and SU-122s load up on the left across from the forward objective. Pioneers on the right, with T-34s in the center. Infiltration is successful.

    Sean's Grenadiers: Grenadier 1 deploys in the train station. Panzerpioneers behind them covering the objective. Grenadier 2 deploys in the center, ready to reinforce.

    TURN 1

    Everything surges forward. SU-122s wipe out an HMG.

    T-34s slowly navigate the terrain.

    Grenadiers, with Spetsnaz almost certain to lift their gone to ground, open fire on the advanving strelkovy.

    Steven's Forward Detachment
    • Motorstrelkovy: 2 stands
    Sean's Grenadiers
    • Grenadier 1: 1 HMG

    Steven's Forward Detachment: Everything surges forward! SU-122s fire on the move, and manage to knock out an HMG.

    Sean's Grenadiers: Sean's forward Grenadiers open fire, downing 2 strelkovy stands but failing to slow the horde.

    TURN 2

    Top of 2.

    SU-122s open up, absolutely gutting Grenadier 1. 5 stands fall to 122mm rounds.

    The Strelkovy assault takes the Train station

    The Soviets push the objective hard as Grenadier 1 falls back with the few remaining men.

    Grenadier 1 panics in the face of the horde, and quits the field of battle.

    Staring across the tracks.

    Steven's Forward Detachment
    • Motorstrelkovy: 4 stands
    Sean's Grenadiers
    • Grenadier 1: DESTROYED

    Steven's Forward Detachment: Strelkovy launch an assault after a viscious volley fire from the SU-122s. The Red army takes the train station, and decimates the Grenadier platoon. T-34s and Pioneers continue nosing their way forward.

    Sean's Grenadiers: Sean holds his ground, and waits for Reserves!

    TURN 3

    Top of 3.

    3 T-34s hit mines and detonate. One makes it across. Shortly after, the Strelkovy who didn't move successfully clear the mines, after losing 2 teams to explosions.

    SU-122s and IS-2s lurch forward. Strelkovy consolidate in the station.

    Pioneers reach the fortification line.

    Steven's Forward Detachment
    • Motorstrelkovy: 6 stands
    • T-34s: 3
    Sean's Grenadiers
    • Grenadier 1: DESTROYED

    Steven's Forward Detachment: The Soviets get hung up on the mines in the left flank, losing several men and 3 tanks.

    Sean's Grenadiers: Sean again holds for reinforcements.

    TURN 4

    Top of 4.

    Everything surges forward!

    Pioneers clear both mine fields and pour men through the gap.

    The Soviet left flank. Suddenly the tracks begin to rumble...


    The Soviets are taken by surprise as the train thunders in front of them.

    The 2 SU-122s find themselves between a rock and a hard place.

    The train and Tigers wreak destruction! In total, 3 dead SU-122s and 1 bailed. 1 bailed IS-2. 2 dead T-34s. 1 dead infantry stand. Boom!

    Steven's Forward Detachment
    • Motorstrelkovy: 7 stands
    • T-34s: 5
    • SU-122s: 3
    Sean's Grenadiers
    • Grenadier 1: DESTROYED

    Steven's Forward Detachment: Everything surges forward again, the red tide is coming in!

    Sean's Grenadiers: The train and the Tigers arrive, wreaking havoc on the Reds!

    TURN 5

    But retribution is swift. Combined fire from the Soviet armored elements wipes the train out.

    On the right flank, the Pioneers are able to launch a successful assault (after a quick ninja assault from 2 T-34s kill an HMG team and pin the defenders)

    The Pioneers knock out the HMG and one more stand.

    Pioneers contest the objective

    The destruction on the left flank.

    The Looted T-70 races in and assaults!

    Pioneers swarm the tankette!

    Windgruber grabs the remnants of Grenadier 2 and charges into the Pioneers!

    But Windgruber's assault, though resulting in the death of many soviets, is repelled!

    And the Soviets find themselves with the objective in their hands at the beginning of turn 6!

    Steven's Forward Detachment
    • Motorstrelkovy: 7 stands
    • T-34s: 5 tanks
    • SU-122s: 3 assault guns
    • Pioneers: 5 stands
    • IS-2s: 1 tank
    Sean's Grenadiers
    • Grenadier 1: DESTROYED
    • Train: DESTROYED
    • Grenadier 2: 2 HMGs, 4 stands
    • T-70: DESTROYED

    Steven's Forward Detachment: All of the bailed vehicles remount and blast the train to pieces. Pioneers assault on the right, contesting the central objective.

    Sean's Grenadiers: The T-70 arrives to pin the Pioneers. Though successful, it is destroyed in the process. A Tiger knocks out an IS-2 on the left flank.

    Wow! The red horde just relentlessly advanced in this one. What an ugly fight. Despite it being a 6-1 on paper, the Soviets were pretty well hammered at the end there. The SU-122s get the MVP for the Reds, and the train definitely gets it for the Germans. Awesome fight!

    With that, Mogilev falls, and Sean's firestorm troop is destroyed. Sean gets the initiative, and elects to attack Smolevichi from Osipovichi to attempt to reestablish supply with his division in Lepel.

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