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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fieldworks Ruined Factories

 I'm really trying to stick to my promise of expanding Stevograd for Flames of War this year. I've had Fieldworks bookmarked for quite a while now, and finally pulled the trigger.  I settled on 2 of the more expansive looking factory ruins, and got in touch with them to place an order.

 John was very communicative at every step of the way- going so far as to follow up with me to make sure I received the shipment.  Though the price seemed a bit high at first (In total I paid  £57.00 or about $85 , but a huge chunk of that was shipping to the states), once I received them I felt like it was well worth the money.
 The factories come fully assembled, and fully painted.  A huge kudos on the shipping must be given- these things could've survived a fall from the Empire State Building!  They came fully wrapped in egg crate, and no damage was done in shipping.
 That's good because my only worry with the buildings is that the resin is a bit thin and perhaps brittle.  That may be my imagination- plus they ARE ruins so a few broken pieces wouldn't be so bad.
 It really seems like they had FoW in mind when they designed these- most of the areas seem perfectly designed to fit a set number of stands.
 Both pieces feature removable pieces (including a second story on the roofed factory).
 The roof doesn't line up 100%, but from a high angle it doesn't matter.
 Removable second floor.
 Second floor removed.
In conclusion, I am happy with these guys!  They will definitely hear from me again as I expand Stevograd.

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