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Thursday, February 21, 2013

British Mortar Platoon (BR725)

As time has worn on, I am slowly going back and replacing some of the items in my British Flames of War army.  There are many reasons for this:  poor paint jobs, inconsistent look and feel across the army, new releases from manufacturers, etc.  In this particular case, I just needed some better looking models.

So, I picked up a British Mortar Platoon (BR725) to go with the rest of my British Late War Army.  I did not paint the three PIAT teams that also come in this set, as I have enough of those already.
3 sections - that is a LOT of mortars!

Command Team

Three Observer Teams provided.

Gun team -- I did not like that I got the same three or four guys for each of six guns.

...these guys look familiar...

Lots of Silfor tufts to hide in!
I used the Vallejo Sepia Wash on these guys - turned out ok, I think.

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