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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bergepanther (GE603)

I picked up a Bergepanther for Flames of War to go with the Panthers I have assembled -- see here and here.  You really cannot beat paying 15 points for a FA 10 MG platform that can also tow you out of a jam!

I used a spare wheel from a PAK36? to make a kind of pully.  I saw same pics on the Interwebs and tried to recreate them - looks ok, I think.  I used some Gale Force 9 Chain for linking the armatures together -- not 100% historically accurate, but it looks cool.  There should be a bar connecting the armatures, but I could not find a spare piece to make them -- chains it is!

I went for a really muddy and worn look with this model.  I figured that the recovery vehicle would get quite a workout towing and moving stuff around.  I am pretty happy with a more subdued and tired looking ambush camouflage pattern.

I added spare wheels to the font and side of the vehicle.  I also put some of the stowage from a 251 blister on the side, along with extra fuel cans from a StuG blister -- can't have enough supplies!

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