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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Battlefront Real Estate Goodies: House Addons, walls, villagers

The village as it stands now!
 Just a few days ago I received the 2 new Battlefront houses, house add-ons, village walls, and villagers!  In some of our previous reviews, we've pointed out that the blocky shape of the houses was a  bit boring.  Since then, the addition of numerous houses in varying colors and roof shapes has gone a long way to address that- just having a ton of houses makes it start to look like a real village!

But the addition of the house add-ons, even if they only come in 3 varieties, does a really good job of breaking up the otherwise boring silhouettes.   They still may be a bit samey, but I think the appearance speaks for itself.

 Not much else to say other than I really like these add ons!  They go a long way to address the few complaints I had about these houses- plus... they were free with the subscription!
 The stone walls are nice too.  Nice pre-paints, and we all know FoW games can always do with a bit more linear terrain!  My one small complaint is that only 2 corner pieces are included, and that most wall sections have destroyed areas.  That's well and good, and in a war-torn region it makes perfect sense!  However, these houses all look well maintained so it's a tiny bit jarring.  Tiny complaint though.
 Besides that, the fountain and monument are both awesome additions- both something lacking from all of my European battlefields!
 Also included in the set is a villagers blister.  They look pretty solid- but I haven't cracked em open just yet.  I love the guy with the pimp cane, but I almost feel guilty letting my little civvies get mixed up in a combat zone!
 Well cool!  We're halfway done!  I think this village has come along quite nicely.

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