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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bolt Action - AAR: Battle of the Bulge by Ron Bingham

Battle of the Bulge; Bolt Action style!  By Ron Bingham

Somewhere in Belgium, Dec 17th 1944

An Armored Inf platoon defends a bridge and ruined village against a unit of the 272nd Volksgrenadiers made up of "Green" Volksgrenadiers and a unit of Veteran Recon Inf with AFV's in support. The battle will go a max of 8 turns and the Germans must capture the bridge (hold both ends of the bridge)for a victory. All water obstacles are frozen and any AFV that crosses must roll a D6, even it crosses freely; odd the AFV falls through the ice and is out of action for the battle. All units except the American 57mm AT gun start off the board.

The Germans moved first and by the end if the first turn every unit is in the battle except for the recons SdKfz 250/9 armor car. The Americans all enter the battle and race for cover in the village.

On turn 2 the USA 81mm Mortar got the first shot off at the Germans Mader III but misses. The Germans answer back with a round from their 8cm Mtr at the AT gun but they miss too. The Mader then returns fire and kills the ½ track mortar. All other troops move closer to the enemy or consolidate their defensive position.

Turn 3 the Germans had the advantage with pulling chits and used the Mader III and Inf fire to rack up KIAs and pin markers on the 1st American squad that were supporting the AT gun. On the other side of the village the two recon AFVs took up position and killed the 2nd Squad Leaders despite the medics attempt to fix his wounds. The 2nd squad did get a lucky shot at the SdKfz 251 w/ the recon squad inside and pinned it.

Turn 4 the SdKfz recon squad tried to unload but failed their command roll and due to being pinned was forced to fall back a move. But all was not lost as the Mader and Volksgrenadiers continued to fire and beat up on the 1st American squad leaving only the squad leader and one rifleman and 5 pin makers. The 57mm At gun fired and hit the green Volksgrenadiers forcing them to make a unit check they rolled and remained "inexperienced" but rec'd no extra pin markers.

Turn 5 the German recon track tried to once again move up but failed and due to the pin marker had to retreat once again but this time out of sight form the enemy. The SdKfz 251/9 fired its 2cm auto cannon and killed two members of the American 2nd squad. While across the village the Mader III and Volksgrenadiers finished off the american 1st squad and moved up towards the 57mm AT gun. The AT Gun was then put out of action by the MMG across the stream! The Americans HQ unit fires but only kills one Grenadier! The Bazooka and MMG fires at the recon track and miss.

Turn 6 the American HQ unit advances to the edge of the village to slow down the German advance with their SMG's. They fire but both SMG miss with all 4 dice! The Volksgrenadiers advances across the stream and along with the MMG fire back but with 15 dice only get 1 pin marker on the American HQ! One the other side of the village the 2nd Volksgrenadiers move up and assault the 2nd American squad holding the café. The Germans win but with their 1st casualty roll for their experience and rolled a "1" which means "green" they remain inexperienced and more they take 3 extra pin markers and hunker down in the cafe.! (To little too late for the Americans) The Bazooka fires and misses the recon track.

Turn 7. The Americans know this is possibly the last turn as the Germans now control the bridge at both end…the medic makes a heroic mad dash into the café and assaults by himself he does take out one German but the Bosche hit him 3 times! The Bazooka up on the 2nd floor fires and finally hits the recon SdKfz 251/9…and immobilizes it! The American HQ calls for fast retreat of the remaining few troops in his command.

German Victory

Iron Cross 1st Class goes out to Hauptman Malcolm and his Volksgrenadiers!

The American commander petting the kitty.
Malcolm and JD- zee Germans

Ron Bingham is a long time Richmond area gamer who plays a wide variety of historical games.

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