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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

1200 pts Scourge vs UCM

Played some more DZC today. A quick semi-intro game against Joe T. with 1200 pts of Scourge vs UCM.

The UCM forces

The Scourge invasion

We always like to have a giant auto wreck on the board

Not-so-busy intersection

The board shot

The armored phalanx moves up

Rapier AA tanks take cover behind the massive automobile pileup

Praetorians doing what they do best - zooming up in the Black Hawk 'Chopper!

The Scourge Reapers move into position under the Condor carrying all of my boots.

And some other Reapers manage to take down the Praetorians dropship, but not before they rope dropped in to the building!

The first building crushed beneath the UCM warmachine!

The boots transport is smoked

Annihilator on the prowl

 Another building leveled creates a line of fire to the Annihilator

Whelp, I know bunching up these tanks would be a bad idea sooner or later...

And yet another building crushed! I enjoy blowing up buildings if you couldn't tell...

The Reapers pick up an objective dropped in the open....

...before it's grabbed by some Rapiers!

Sadly, the Scourge kill off a Legionairre in the open (because his building was about to blow up), which drops their objective, giving the Scourge a 2-1 win!

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