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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What did I get painted in 2012?

Like many other users on our forum, I kept close tabs on what I got painted for 2012!  I can happily say I feel very good about my productivity modeling-wise, all things considered.  I was also fortunate to play in lots of games, attend several conventions, record tons of podcasts, etc etc.  So, I'd say 2012 can go down as a successful hobby year for me!  And now, for your reading satisfaction, here is everything I completed!
All of the links will take you to the post detailing the work.  To see my 2013 to do list, check it out on the forum!
Soviet Flame Throwers (1/9/2012) & Soviet Scouts (1/9/2012)

4xHetzers (1/10/2012)

Big factory for Stevograd.(1/18/2012)

Soviet HQ attachments (pioneers, 45mm guns) (1/30/2012)

Soviet Guards Heavy Assault Gun Company (2/2/2012)

German Captured Armored Train (4 cars + 2 38(t)s + tank hunter cars) (2/14/2012)

Soviet AAA (2/20/2012)

Rebasing Joe's Soviets We traded For (2/25/2012)
8x ISU 122/152s (3/8/2012)

Soviet ATR Teams (3/16/2012)

US Tank Destroyer Platoon (M18s)(3/23/2012)

38(t) panzerwagons (3/31/2012)

German Panzerspah (3/31/2012)

US Tank Destroyer Platoon (M18s) (4/10/2012)

US Cav Recon patrol & HQ (4/16/2012)

4x Sherman Jumbos (4/30/2012)

5x Sherman Easy 8s (4/30/2012)

4x Norman Knights (5/2/2012)

2x Soviet Decoy Panthers (5/8/2012)

4x Norman Knights (5/16/2012)

Norman warlord (5/25/2012)

Soviet BA 64s (6) (5/29/2012)

Loza (6/6/2012)

Patton (6/6/2012)

Abrahams (6/6/2012)

German Kradschutzen Box (early war) (6/15/2012)

4x Norman Knights (6/20/2012)

10x Soviet T-70 (6/28/2012)

4x Norman Knights (7/5/2012)

13x Soviet M3a1 scout cars (7/12/2012)

4Ground Games Medieval cottage (7/27/2012)

3x Soviet blisters of Razvedki crew (8/4/2012)

4Ground Buildings for Saga (8/5/2012)

Captured Tiger + sd kfz 251 (from Grumpus! Thanks dude!) (8/15/2012)

Norman Crossbows (8x) (8/16/2012)

28mm Panzer IV (Company B)(Bolt Action)(8/25/2012)

Soviet 76mm Emchas (10x) (9/3/2012)

12x Norman Levy Archers (9/18/2012)

5x M24 Chafees (9/28/2012)

US Towed Tank Destroyers (10/12/2012)

US SP AAA (10/29/2012)

Soviet SP AAA (10/29/2012)

Touching Up FoW Desert Hazards(11/5/2012)

28mm Grant I (Bolt Action)(11/8/2012)

Norman Horse and Cart(11/11/2012)

3x UCM Condor Medium Dropships (DZC) (12/15/2012)

2x Sturmtigers (12/20/2012)

Huey Hog & Huey Slick (FOWNAM) (12/19/2012)

2x Huey Slicks (FOWNAM)(12/24/2012)

3x PHR Neptune Medium Dropships (DZC)(12/30/2012)

2x Bren carriers (Bolt Action) (12/31/2012)

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