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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Unboxing and Brief Review: Sedition Wars

Sedition Wars. The latest in Kickstarter purchases that I had long forgotten about only to be surprised when it showed up on my doorstep (It's kinda like Christmas in that retrospect!)

Sedition Wars is a lot like Space Hulk meets Warmachine meets Descent. It's combat mechanics are similar to WM/H, the theme and missions are like Space Hulk, and it has the dungeon crawler feel of Descent.

It's designed for two players. One player takes the Vanguard, the human race with all sorts of fun space tech. The other player controls the Strain, a form of space zombie.

The pieces right out of the box
It does require you to assemble the figures. They're better than most "board game" figs, but I wouldn't put them a "miniatures game" quality figs.

All the minis assembled

The Strain, or "bad guys"
The Strain play as a close combat swarmy race, who can feed off of destroyed units and evolve into larger life forms.
The Vanguard, or "good guys"
The Vanguard are fewer in numbers, focus on long range shooting attacks, and are generally more elite on a model per model basis.
A sample stat card
Game play feels a lot like Descent. Each figure gets two actions...move and shoot, move and use some special ability, etc. A neat difference is that during the other players turn, each figure can make "reflex" actions, which are like AROs in Infinity. Each figure has it's own reflex action, for example, the rifleman above can interrupt enemy movement to fire a shot.

The dice rolling is WM/H style. You have a base stat (in the Samaritan above, the rifle's is 5) and you roll 3d6. You then have to beat the targets defense (If he were to be shooting at another Samaritan, it'd be a 17). Any six rolled let's you roll another die, and adds special effects and extra damage in certain situations.

The Strain create nano clouds that move around the board from various actions, such as killing things, or launching certain attacks. They can then use these nano clouds to evolve into bigger forms, heal, or a number of other crazy things.

As far as parts, I recieved everything I should have - base game and lots of Kickstarter extras. The quality was so-so. Flimsy box, warped boards, figures that went together OK. Similar quality issues to Super Dungeon Explore. The figures were nothing that a miniatures player couldn't fix, but a pure board gamer might not be willing to put forth that effort.

 The rest of the post is just a closeup of each type of figure in the box assembled. I'm not sure if this will make it in to my usual board game repertoire or not...if it does, I'll probably end up having them painted!

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