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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Terrain Review: Burn In Designs Laser Defense Walls

Always on the lookout for new Infinity terrain, I found this gem while randomly browsing the interwebs in December. They are made by Burn In Designs. It seems to be a relatively new company as far as gaming products go.
Stock photo from their website.

I was able to get six small sections for $20. I thought it was pretty cheap for six, decent sized sections of terrain that could be used as either cover or LOS blocking in Infinity, not to mention some small pieces for 40k if I ever want to play that again.

The parts as they arrived.
It's worth noting that unlike most of the laser-cut terrain out these days, these are made of Plywood and not MDF/HDF. It does take paint differently than anything I was used to. Perhaps a good wood primer would be in order, but I just airbrushed straight acrylics as I usually do.

 I painted these with Vallejo Stone Grey. They do seem a bit more grey and a bit less tan in person, although the wood grain still shows through.
Painted with Action Jackson!

Front view with some Aleph

All six sections.
All in all, I thought it was a pretty cheap, decent quality terrain expansion.

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