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Friday, January 4, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Sarissa Precision Weapons Teams Bases

After seeing Gazza's based weapons teams on the forums, I knew that's how I wanted to base my weapons teams - one large base, with the crew on removable bases to show causalities. I first attempted it with my Soviets in the style Gazza did, using my usual FoW basing stucco, and while functional, it looked pretty poor. Off in search of a better basing solution... 

So I contacted the folks over at Sarissa Precision about laser cutting a solution. (Ironically, I linked Gazza's mortar team as an example, and it turns out, those are Steve from Sarissa's figures that Gazza painted as a commission. What a coincidence!) I am a huge fan of Sarissa Precision's work - I have about 40 of their 15mm WW2 buildings for FoW, along with a few of their Sci-Fi buildings for Infinity, not to mention I got my movement trays for Pride of Lions from them.

Here is the result that Sarissa sent me.
The base as it shipped.

It has a very small piece of thick cardboard that goes underneath.

An assembled French mortar team.

The figures, removed.
Here's a few pictures with the figures painted and primarily base work.

I was even able to fit a French 75 on here. I'm not sure other factions would be able to fit their arty on a 60mm base, but it's made easier with the French gunner that sits on the gun itself.

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