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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: PSC Russian Infantry

Here's a look at some new infantry from the workshop of Joe Messerle. Outstanding work again - I think he gets the most out of what he's working with. I also couldn't help but notice some WIP pics of my Warlord Games British Infantry in the background. Keep churning out Bolt Action, Joe! - Judson

Greetings Comrades,

     Comrade Joseph reporting from the glorious painting desk of Comrade Messerle.  We have been preparing strong infantry to be shipped to the Steve-O-grad front for victory.  Please sit and enjoy the review of the troops.

     Plastic Soldier Company has been a strong ally in the wargaming department here recently, having ranges in 15mm and 28mm.  I have found that every new product coming out is an improvement on the previous models.  I have experience with their 15mm German armor ranges and looked forward to diving into their 28mm ranges.

     These lovely troops of Mother Russia are provided by Steve.  He asked me to paint them up for him and it is always fun to see the final project on his wargaming table.  These Russians are from the 28mm Russian Infantry, Summer Uniform.  This box set is a HUGE value for the cost.  You get 57 figures in one box.  It includes 6 Jr Officers/NCOS, 45 Riflemen/SMGs and 6 LMGs with loaders.  The only downfall when first opening this box is realizing that it includes NO bases.  A small inconvenience but noticeable.

One Squad of Comrades, the box gives you three of these !

     If you put it into Bolt Action scheme of things, the box produces an HQ and 3 squads of Infantry/LMGs.  How can you not love that?  Two boxes of infantry would make more than enough dice in the Order Bag - maybe too many.

     The box only has so many poses for the soldiers.  The set does allow for some head conversions and the ability to give certain soldiers either rifles or SMGs.  For those whom love to model, sorry.  For those who want to churn out soldiers and get them on the table, be ready!

HQ consisting of a medic, NCO and Lt

     This photos show the basic poses found in the infantry box set.  Now do not be alarmed.  The HMGs and antitank capabilities can be purchased in other box sets for decent prices.  Stay tuned as these sets will appear on the website.  Hit the ring down on the forums and let us know what ya think !

I give them 4 out of 5 Russian nesting dolls.

"I'm up, They see me, I'm down"

Joe ... aka "Mezz"

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