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Thursday, January 24, 2013

PHR Neptune Medium Dropships

A flight of PHR Neptune Dropships speed to their target!

The Neptune is the workhorse dropship of the PHR.
 [The following flavor text comes from the Hawk Wargames Website] The Neptune class is the primary tactical orbital insertion dropship of the PHR. With the ability to carry most PHR armoured units and to fulfil a wide range of needs, its flexibility is unmatched by its larger cousin, the Poseidon.
 Typical mission profiles include orbital insertion to hostile dropzones, rapid extraction and urban operations. With a smaller footprint, greater manoeuvrability and higher combat speed, it can operate in environments unsuitable for larger craft.
 It is often employed to deliver mechanised infantry platoons, artillery detachments and surgical strike teams.
 It is also well armed enough to clear DZ's and provide close air support to ground units with advanced Shadowkiller stealth missiles. 

 A trio of Neptunes are often preferred over a single Poseidon for missions requiring effective air support, since combined they can deliver three times the firepower.
 It is more heavily built than its UCM counterpart, and can withstand greater enemy fire, in line with PHR military doctrine.
These were a ton of fun to paint!  I'm looking forward to finishing the rest of the starter box.

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