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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Operation Market Garden: Allies

The Market Garden compilation is a great combination of many books and PDFs that have been floating around for three plus years.  It is great to have everything together in one compilation that takes into account the re-working of points and attributes since Version 3 of Flames of War was launched so many months ago.  I think that the compilation is very well done overall, with a ton of added mateiral from the original sources.  There is even more backround and description of the battles and I very much recommend these books to everyone for their FoW collection.  And now, on to the details!

British Airborne

Overall, the Brits just got some point corrections and some higher AT on the 17 pdr.  I also like the fact that the Air Support got significantly upgraded.  No 'uge changes.

- 17 pdrs (Including Fireflys, Challengers and M10 Achilles) are AT 15 and late 6pdrs are AT 11.

New Hero: Major General Roy Urquhart (25pts)
- Can join all the Brit Parachute Companies
- Re-rolls shooting and no +1 for moving
- +4" for At the Double for Infantry and Man-packed Guns
- Platoon can re-roll digging in

Lieutenant Colonel John Frost
- No changes, as he did not really need any.

Frost's Perimeter Force
- Lost Night Attack

British Parachute Company
- Cannot take a second Airlanding Anti-tank Platoon, must take an Airlanding Anti-tank Platoon, Royal Artillery
- Must get Limited or Priority Typhoons now instead of just Sporadic

Company HQ
- 5pts cheaper

Parachute Assault Platoon
- Cost 5 more points

Parachute Mortar Platoon
- Costs 15 more points

Parachute Machine-Gun Platoon & Arlanding Machine Gun Platoon
- 10 points cheaper

- Parachute Platoon
- Airlanding Platoon

Airlanding Company
- Now has the option of getting two platoons of 6pdrs, instead of just one platoon of 6pdrs, and one platoon of 17pdrs.
- Must get Limited or Priority Typhoons now instead of just Sporadic

Airlanding Mortar Platoon
- 20 points cheaper for three sections.  These come with one Observer per section.

Airlanding Anti-Tank Platoon
- AT 11
- Can make Combat Attachments
- Has the option to get just three guns for 120 points

1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade

New Hero: Major General Stanislaw Sosabowski (45 points)
- Can join Polish Parachute Company
- Re-roll one Reserves die
- Can re-deploy one platoon before Independent Teams

Special Rules:
- LOST: Re-roll Platoon and Company Morale Checks
- GAINED: All British Special Rules, except British Bulldog
- GAINED: Polish Platoons with 2iC re-roll failed Morale Checks

Polish Parachute Company
- Can get a second Armoured Platoon with the option to get 2 Firefly VCs
- Gained option for two Artillery Batteries, including Sextons, 25pdrs and 5.5" guns
- Must get Limited or Priority Typhoons now instead of just Sporadic

NEW LIST:  Glider Pilot Squadron (FV, Infantry Company)
- All normal British special rules
- Mission Tactics
- One Glider Pilot Platoon can Combat Attach one team to various other platoons
- Body Armour - 6+ save vs. Artillery for Glider Pilot Platoons
- Can give one Glider Pilot Platoon Eyes and Ears

List Overview:
The list can get up to five platoons of Glider Pilots.  These platoons are 10 SMG teams for 320 points, and can switch out for a Light Mortar, PIAT and an MG team.  They can all be made Rifle/MG teams as well.  The list mostly gets you even more platoons of Infantry in support and some limited AT guns and Artillery.

Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron
- Can now get an additional AT gun platoon
- HQ loses PIAT option, gains two Polsten 20mm guns (16", ROF4, AT5, FP5+, Turntable, Anti-aircraft)
- Jeeps ARE Recce teams
- Dismounted Option:  Replace all Jeeps with up to one PIAT, one Light Mortar, rest are MG teams
- Cost generally went down about 15%

NEW LIST: Airborne Field Company, Royal Engineers (FV, Infantry Company)
List Overview:
This list can get up to four platoons of Royal Engineers.  Other than that, they get some AT and Artillery.  This platoon of Royal Engineers is pretty good, featuring 13 stands of Rifle/MGs plus 1 Light Mortar for 425.  There is also an option to replace up to four Rifle/MG teams with Flamethrowers for free.  A supply cart can also be added for 25 points.  Unlike the other big Brit Engineers, these platoons have no restrictions on Assault.

- 17 pdr AT guns went up by about 16 points per gun
- 6 pdr AT guns points are unchanged
- 75mm Artillery saw a decrease of 15 points for four guns

US Airborne

Major Julian Cook
- Completely re-worked
- Can use Always Attack and take a Spearhead move with Rifle and Engineer platoons
- Smoke ignored for an aiming point for Arty
- Ignores Sitting Ducks for river crossings
- Retains 2+ motivation tests for Platoons he is joined to

New Hero: Brigadier General James Gavin (40 points)
- Can roll a 5+ to cancel opponent Reserves roll for each Combat and Weapons Platoon you have in Reserve
- If he moves At the Double, can roll a 3+ to not count as moving At the Double for himself and the platoon he joined

New Hero:  Major General Maxwell Taylor (60 points)
- Makes a Spearhead Deployment with any or all Rifle or Glider Rifle Platoons
- AT platoons joined by Taylor can Stormtrooper

Overview:  The US forces saw a small increase in the cost of most platoons, with AT guns being the exception.  The 82nd and 101st were split out as lists to come more into line with what they actually had in the battle.  The US forces did see the addition of an American AOP -- a welcome site, indeed.

NEW LIST:  US Glider Rifle Company (CT, Infantry Company)
- Re-rolls Dig-In attempts for many platoons
- Follows mostly US Rifle Company TO&E
- Support options very similar to the US Airborne forces

XXX Corps

- Firefly, M10 Achilles and Challengers AT 15
- Staghound III and AEC III get Semi-indirect Fire
- Inns of Court/11th Armoured PDFs incorporated
- M10C 17 pdr +30 points and gain AT 15
- 17 pdr AT guns go up 12.5 points per gun for AT 15

Guards Special Rules:
- Can fit ALL Shermans, M10s and Fireflys with Duckbills, giving Wide Tracks
- Platoon, Debus changes to give 3+ save to Lorried Rifle Platoons mounted on Tanks
- Unflappable does not apply to Allied Platoons

JOE Vandeleur, DSO & Bar
- No Changes

Armoured Squadron
- Added the 11th Armoured Division (The Black Bull).  This give you a little price break - it is still CV, but doesn't have all the Guards special rules.  The Black Bull also gets a few different support options, but nothing 'uge.
- Small decrease in points overall for Shermans to @ 80 points
- Firefly upgrades run +50 points, or 130 points total
- Instead of the Column Platoon, a Scout Platoon with carriers is an option
- Added option for Self-Propelled Bofors

New Hero:  Geoffrey Walter Fownes Lutrell, MC
- Can join Armoured Recce Black Bull Squadron
- 1, 3 or 5 Cromwell CS tanks, Confident Trained
- Re-roll fist Range In attempt
- Lutrell and any team within 6" re-roll failed attempts to free themselves from being Bogged Down

Armoured Recce Squadron
- Added the 11th Armoured Division (The Black Bull).  This give you a little BIG price break - it is still CV, but now CT and doesn't have all the Guards special rules.  The Black Bull also gets a few different support options, but nothing 'uge.
- Small decrease in points for Cromwells for Guards
- Challenger runs 150 points for CV and 115 for CT

NEW LIST: Motor Company (CV, Mechanized Company)
Two different CV options - Guards and The Black Bull.  Compulsory choices are Two Motor Platoons and One Scout Platoon (Universal Carriers)
Motor Platoon
- Up to 5 MG teams, PIAT, Light Mortar, 4 M5Halftracks (175 points fully loaded)
- Guards can get one .50 cal for 10 points
- The Black Bull can get up to four .50 cals for +5 points each

Other Options
- Can get two Armoured, Armoured Recce or M10 platoons
- Can get two Artillery Batteries
- Can get US Paratrooper Allies

Lorried Rifle Company 
- Old Guards Rifle Company
- List is virtually unchanged

2nd Household Cavalry Squadron
- More options for Allied and British Paratroop Rifle Platoon support
- Slight price decrease on most Armoured Cars

NEW LIST: Inns of Court Armoured Car Squadron (CV, Mechanized Company)
- Incorporates the PDF into the Market Garden book
- Significantly expanded options for the number of Combat Platoons (up to 7)
- More options for Infantry support from US and Brit Paratroops

Other Changes:
- 5.5" gun batteries got slightly more expensive
- 25 pdr gun and Sexton batteries got slightly less expensive
- 4.2" Mortars went down 20% in cost
- 3.7" AA dropped a whopping 25% in cost


The Canadians are pretty bad-ass.  These guys get most of the support choices the Brits get, and get some pretty neat additional options as well.  The Canadian special rules are the bees knees, and I expect to see a ton more Canadian lists in tournaments.

- Update:  Canadian Tanks with Recce!  Kangaroos - Transports with .50cals and FA 5.  D'oh!
- Combines previous PDFs into Market Garden compilation
- Lose British Bulldog, gain Mission Tactics, re-roll to unpin and re-mount, gain Duckbills
- Canadians basically have Protected Ammo with the special rules, making them fearsome, indeed

Canadian Armoured Squadron & Canadian Armoured Recce (CV, Tank Company) 
- Similar to British Armoured Squadron
- Have access to CT M10C 17 pdrs for 290 points
- Interesting transport options, including C15TA armored trucks with Jeep movement and Kangaroos

Rifle Company (CV or CT Infantry Company)
- Unbelievable options for support - 17 different boxes!
- Access to Land Mattress Rockets
- HMS Warspite Naval Bombardment
- PIAT Battery!  Can move after firing like a Armoured Panzerwerfer. AT2, FP 6.
- Access to Breaching Groups
- CV Crocadiles with 6" range (510 points!)

Recce Squadron (CV or CT Mechanized Company)
- Extensive support options, including US Paratroopers and Commandos
- Up to 3 Artillery support platoons

Commando (FV, Infantry Company)
- Up to 7 Combat Platoons
- Up to 4 Breaching Groups, which were reworked.

Books not provided by Battlefront Miniatures.  All information from the Market Garden books by Battlefront Miniatures.

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