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Monday, January 21, 2013

News From the Front: Episode 50

Episode 50- The Wrath of Sean!  The original host of News From the Front is back in the studio!

0:00- Intro & AAR
0:52- Discussing Security Sections & Motivation Tests, What dos "Either" mean?  Muster 2013 discussion, T-26 discussion*, #WWPD4VETS
1:43- Market Garden look at the Allies

*Editor's Note: Not sure why I said the T-26 doesn't have 24" range- I thought it did!  Confused it with the T-60.  Apologies!


This is After F***in' Hours man.  Seriously, this one is rife with Sean "F Bomb" O'Hara chillin in the studio.  We counted 72- why don't you see if we were on or not?  We talk "Panthers", in the face of APDS.  We discuss a rough game that was brought up recently, adventures in printing, and loads of other junk!  Explicit Language.

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