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Monday, January 28, 2013

M24 Chaffees from the Cavalry Group Army Box

When we received the new Cavalry Group army box for review, we of course had to split it up among various reviewers- knocking out an army on your own is a hell of a process!  Most of the Cav Group stuff got scattered to the wind all around the US, but I committed to doing 7 of the chaffees myself.  I'll keep this review short since I've already done a chaffee review.

The models were all in good shape with minimal cleanup required.  The included magnets and decals were great as always!  As usual for US armor, I painted these with Vallejo Olive Drab, drybrushed with Green Grey, and then hit them with my blackline pen.
With 16" movement and a respectable 75mm gun (ROF 2, AT 10, FP 3+, Smoke, Stabilizers) these guys are threatening to any Panzers, but are especially mean against Stugs, Panzer IVs, and Panthers whose side armor just can't take the hits!  Keep your eyes open for Battle Reports featuring these guys (or check out the one we already have!)
For those of you wondering, the sweet terrain in this review is by Crescent Root.  If you pick something up, make sure to tell Mark we sent ya!

Models provided by Battlefront Miniatures

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