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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

European Town Terrain Base by Crescent Root

Following up on the success of the Church Base, Crescent Root strikes another home run with this European town base giving you an aesthetically pleasing, and cohesive look to your table top!

The material is a lightweight but sturdy resin.  I'm not exactly sure what it is, but it's not rubbery or flexible.  The town base comes in 2 halves for ease of storage.  It's available painted or unpainted.  In my case, Mark paints terrain much better than I do so it was worth it.   This awesome terrain piece is only $89.75US (painted), but you can save some dough and get in unpainted for $58.50US.

The piece can allow for any combination of buildings, to give it a slightly different look and feel each game.  I can't imagine many settings this couldn't work for- Europe (Western and Eastern), The Mediterranean, maybe even parts of Colonial America.

This gate is removable- cool touch.

Here it is with all the buildings removed for scale.

The white resin material it's made of- just like the church base

I wanted to see how it looked alongside the church.

With the two halves pulled apart.

What can I say?  This thing is gorgeous!  I love pre-painted terrain and nobody does it as well as Mark from Crescent Root.  I've been sayin' that for years and I continue to stand by it.

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