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Sunday, January 20, 2013

CGR Painting (M10 TDs) Review by Luke

I just got my latest batch of items painted from CGR and wanted to show them off.  In my quest to update the painting of my American forces I have been sending items off to them, and I recently sent the following to be painted:

8x M-10 Tank Destroyers
6x M-20 Utility Vehicles
3x Recon Jeeps
1x OddBall Objective

I should note that I expressly said that I wanted not to have the tanks (in particular the tracks) look too new, but not too muddy either. I did not want a "show room perfect" look, but to look like they have just been driven a bit.  This is a personal choice as the "muddy" or "weathered" look just is not for me.

I did pay for the top of line paint job on these vehicles and (spoiler alert) it was worth it.

I will let the pictures do most of the talking, but would like to point out a couple of things that these guys do that make it all worth it to me.  DETAIL DETAIL DETAIL.  All the little things on the tanks are addressed from a little wear on the barrel from firing to antennas as well as decals.  It goes without saying that all of the tanks are magnetized, which I have found to be a non-negotiable item with me now after a long history of tank turrents falling everywhere. The M-10s especially look really good from three feet away, but are jaw dropping up close.

The security sections turned out extremely well. I did add the flocking and tuftfs to the jeeps. The details with serial numbers and again, antennas, show great detail which makes these models stand out.

The OddBall objective is a one of a kind type of piece you will have in your army.  I wanted this one especially to look great and they did not dissapoint.  The detail on the base is especially good and it has been suggested that I can take OddBall off the base and use him as a unit commander for Shermans, which I plan on doing in the near future.

Again, I will give CGR 5 out of 5 positive waves, man.  The pictures don't lie. These guys do great work!

"Luke Melia started wargaming when he was 11 years old with 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons. He has played just about everything from play by mail strategy, Warhammer, napoleonics, board games and ancients. Luke is the co-host of WWPD: News from the Front podcast."  

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