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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Battlefield in a Box - Small Pine Wood: Winter (BB145)

We got our hands on the new Small Pine Woods (Winter) recently, and we thought this would fit right in with my winter board that Luke likes so much.  Let's take a look!
Front of Box

Rear of Box

This set provides you with a small and a medium base for your woods.  The packaging has foam and a form-fit plastic case for the trees.  You could probably save this for transport, but I just toss all my stuff in a box and I think this set can certainly take the abuse.

At first glance, I figured that the snow would come right off those trees and be all over the place -- man, was I surprised when NONE of it came off at all.  Nice!  I really cannot get over how tough these trees are.

The bases are made of the same hard rubber that all the rest of the Battlefield in a Box uses -- sturdy again, indeed.
Right out of the box - not bad.

T34 for scale.

3 tree bases fit on the medium section.

This stuff fits right in with previous offerings.

I went about putting some glue down and creating some ice/snow patches on the bases.  I was careful not to pile up the snow and glue too high, as the tree bases must sit on top of them.

Closeup of the finished product.  Don't mound up the snow to high.

I sprinkled some leftover snow all over this base - I think this looks better.
Surprise, surprise - I like this set.  Now, there is nothing magical about these, but at $35USD, I think they are a reasonable deal.  Sure, you can probably spend an hour making something up, but it probably won't be as sturdy -- these things are REALLY tough -- spent an hour working on terrain instead of playing Flames of War.

What do you think?  Share with us in our forums....

Terrain Provided by Battlefront Miniatures

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