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Sunday, December 9, 2012

WWPD Partner Picks- December 9th 2012

There's been quite a lot going on since our last update!  This time of year has been incredibly busy for all of us with many real life endeavors all culminating at once.  I spent more nights away from home in November than at home!  Hopefully after the Holidays calm down we can get back to some sense of normalcy.  Thank you all for bearing with us- we know the podcasts have been a bit sporadic, but surprisingly it can be very difficult getting 3 busy dudes together for a few hours reliably!

Anyhow, thankfully there's plenty of awesome people producing great content.  This post will focus on 3 of my favorite blogs and some great new content from all of them!

Anatoli's Game Room: 2 Short Gladiator Fights
With Spartacus fever infecting the board game world, I figured the miniature gaming world could benefit from Anatoli's tweaks and revisions to Warhammer Historicals' "Gladiator" game.  Anatoli is a known tinkerer and convicted improver.  His Gladiator improvements can be seen here.

Frozen Gamer AK: German AT Guns
Tom's recent article "Knock, Knock, Knocking on Hitler's Door" has me revisiting my own thinking towards AT Guns, and Craig serves up a heaping pile o' gunnery with this post.  I am truly jealous of how prolific Craig is... on the other hand I guess there isn't much else to do in Alaska this time of year.

Throck of War: First Impressions of Bolt Action
If Throck is into something, it's probably good!  This article is worth reading solely for the agreement that will wash over you when you see his Crown Royal joke.  In fact, I bought some Crown Royal very recently for the very purpose of using as a dice bag for Bolt Action!  If you've been on the fence about Bolt Action, take a look at Throck's article and get another perspective.

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