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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

US Shermans

I have a ton of Shermans for Flames of War.  When I first started, I got a bunch from my own and other people's old Open Fire! sets with the resin Shermans and StuGs.  I painted those guys up British and with a 'orrible color as well -- I think I used English Uniform for everything.  Over the years, I have collected up a ton of proper British Shermans and actually managed to paint them up the correct color for Late War.... mostly.

With theses guys, I decided to go ahead and make them up as US Shermans.  I figure that whenever I get around to it, I can use these as support for the 29th Infantry Division list I keep meaning to start.

I had US decals laying around that I picked up from somewhere, so I decided to use them.  No opening the turret, so I decided to put a turret star on the platoon leader.

I did not use the Brown Violet spray for these, just a pot from the US Paint Set.  I love how it isn't 'brown' or 'violet' at all.  Looks great, though.

I did some mud on these guys.  I really like to have the tanks look a bit worn and lived-in.  Since I am keeping these, I went with it.

These tanks can't be Brits!  See that baseball bat?

Well, you just cannot have enough Shermans.  I will eventually get a US list together.  In the mean time, I can use these for demo games or whatever.  Thanks for looking!

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