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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Adventures of Action Jackson, Part 2

The Adventures of Action Jackson is a series of brief bat reps from my Infinity games. Infinity, a 28mm sci-fi skirmish game, often requires a civilian, or "civie", that interacts with various mission objectives. For example, some games may require me to kill the civie, or defend the civie, or kill opposing models in LoS of the civie to intimidate him.

Well, my civie is Action Jackson.

Meet Action Jackson
Round 1 I played against John and his Haqqislam. I won 6-2 on objectives.

Agema Marksman and a Myrmidon deploy behind a wall.

Achilles, the Sopohtecht, and a Thorakite deploy in this corner

The middle of the board is upheld by a Myrmidon, Thorakite, and an Asura.

In this game, Action Jackson decided the stakes were too high, so we used an Imperial Guardsman (aka I left AJ at home).

The board pre-game.

Hassassin Fiday comes up and causes some damage, but gets shot in the face afterwards.

Not to worry though, my Sophotecht, who is both a Doctor and an Engineer, comes up, repairs the burned equipment, and heals the fallen.

New life for you, Mr. Myrmidon. Notice how the Sophotect always looks like it's cheering!

A camouflaged figure approaches!

Achilles moves up and goes chop chop!

Achilles down!
Round Two I played against another Scott, who was playing JSA. I forget the final objective score, but I was able to kill every model on the board.

Achilles and his super excited doctor friend.

The center killing field.

A crazy koala! These things are basically super fast robots laden full of explosives that run at you full speed.

Asura moves up and takes control of the graveyard, blasting bikes from safety.

Achilles comes to rescue Action Jackson!

Another crazy koala.
Round three against Craig, playing Neoterrans, I lost, but was still able to claim two or three objectives.

An inner spaceship board.

Action Jackson hiding out in a corridor. You better move away form that window, AJ!

This guy was standing in for the new camo tag. He ran rampant over my army.

A little robot of flaming death.

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