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Friday, December 14, 2012

SU122 by Peter Pig

Recently I received a discount voucher (for previously using the online shop) from Peter Pig. I only really needed one pack of a new release, so I thought I would venture into new territory and buy some of PPs tanks.

The next choice was which ones. I pretty much have all I need of the standard fair but then my eyes alighted on the SU122. A quick scan of the army lists ensured it was used across a wide range of armies and as a plus point, 4 would let me field the light assault gun company using my 5 SU76s. Off through the electronic  ether went my order one cold and wet Sunday night.

As I returned from work Tuesday afternoon, I tripped over a small package - the dog was upset as I landed on him. Lo and behold, it was the SU122 from Peter Pig. Very fast shipping I thought.

Ripping open the package, I found my toys all bagged up just like the infantry and guns I had bought previously. 

Next comes the stage I sometimes dread…opening the package and counting all the bits and trying to work out where they go. Total of FIVE bits …result … happy Bob.

The models went together quickly and really well (not even a track wobble to fix!). All the parts fitted straight off with no trimming, bending , crushing or frustrated hammering. Being all metal, there was no problem with bonding different mediums together either (meaning I didn’t sit there for 5 minutes holding two bits together only to find my fingers had become part of the model as well). Mould lines and flash were minimal and took mere moments to clean up. One model had a thin layer of flash covering up the hole where the gun goes - that took just a touch more time to clear out but even that was achieved in under a minute.

A couple of hours painting later (not counting drying time and playing XCOM) and all four were finished and I was very pleased with the results. The stowage was not included (left over from other manufacturers and a Skytrex stowage pack). The tank commander was also not included and was a left over from a BF model.

Plus Points
EASY to make
Joy to paint
Quick delivery (at least to the UK)

Negative Points
Although an opening hatch is included, the model is completely hollow and there is no way of fitting the tank commander without resorting to ‘green stuff’ (in my case) or plasti-card to give the commander a firm base. Very minor quibble.

Neutral Points
Standard cost is £6 compared with BF at £6.75 (after the 10% discount). After paying postage to PP, there is little in the price to note.

If I were to buy more, I would go with PP again just for the ease of assembly. Top notch product.

(No animals were hurt in the making of this review, Jasper the Staffy forgave me but the cat got a squirt of lemon juice for drinking my painting water AGAIN)

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