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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Star Wars X-Wing - Battle Report: Corvette Battle (Capital Ship Rules Test)

I wrote an early draft of some Capital Ship rules for FFG's X-Wing, and was eager to try them out.  So Sean and I setup a quick scenario to give it a go.  The Rebels have a lot more than the Imperials here.  They have the Blockade Runner "Orin", an X-Wing squadron lead by Wedge and fully kitted with proton torpedoes, and a Y-Wing squadron lead by Garvin fully kitted with Protons and ions.  

 The Imperials were a bit lighter on the line- with just a single TIE Advanced (which we reasoned was launched from the Pursuant) and 3 TIEs lead by Howlrunner.  Obviously the Rebels massively outweighed the Imperials here, so the mission was for the Rebels to get off the long edge with as many fighters as possible.  Of course the real goal was to give my capital ship rules a thorough test.
Y Wings


The Capital Ships play chicken

Later in the game.  Y Wings line up on the Imperial Corvette as critical hits start taking their toll!

Proton torpedoes rip into the Imperial Corvette!

The Corvette's fast tracking turrets knock out Garvin.

But the Corvette is pummeled by the Blockade Runner and the Rebel fighters

While the Blockade Runner is significantly damaged as well, the fight is clearly going to the Rebels

The Imperial corvette goes down hard

At this point we call the game.

We played for quite a while!  Only a single Y-Wing goes down, although the Rebel ships did take a beating from the Corvette.  Next, the Rebel fighters would make a break for the board edge, but we were satisfied with the rules test and decided to call it.

The rules held up pretty good- I'd give them a solid B.  A few tweaks need to be made, and a few areas tightened up- but we succeeded in having a great game!

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