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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pride of Lions Overview

Pride of Lions is a mass-combat fantasy game written by Doc McBride and published by Splintered Light Miniatures. A few of us picked up the rules at Historicon, but have just recently started to dig in to it.

It can be played at any scale, although it was designed to be played at 15mm (although I have a second army in the works at 10mm). There are no set army lists - the rules just give your the matrix of points costs and you can design you army based on whatever figures you own, or want to own!

Franks Dark Elves
Some rag tag humans being pulled a long for the ride

At 15mm, we're playing with a frontage of 120x40mm, which fits figures based for DBA and HotT perfectly, allowing folks to use collections they already have. The human army used in the pictures below was originally a FoG Lowlands army from Essex!

Don't put your hand on top of them!

The dark elves emerge over the hills

The cavalry clashed on the flanks and are run down by the Dark Elf riders
The basic core of the game is when units fight, whoever rolls the highest, wins. Based on how much you won the die roll by, you consult a chart to see what happens. Generally, winning by a 9+ or more will destroy the opposing unit, whereas lower margins have effects from push-back to lowering morale, or maybe removing a stand or two.

The game uses dice from a D4 to a D24. You purchase units based on whatever dice value you want them to start at, and it will change over the course of the game. As their morale lowers, so does their die level, but it can also increase as morale goes up. Supporting units, flank attacks, charges, magic spells, etc, can all raise or lower the die level as well.

The lines clash the middle of the board

Pride of Lions is a great alternative to the usual mass fantasy suspects, and something that can most likely be played with figures you already have lying around. Expect to see some more posts from this hidden gem in the future!

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