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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Site Launch: Outpost Zero!

It's with much excitement that I introduce Outpost Zero helmed by our good friend Scott Simoneau!  Outpost Zero is going to be a more general purpose site to cover the rest of our gaming habits! It's launching with close to 50 archival articles from across WWPD and Scott Simoneau's own excellent blog.  You can find it at  Don't forget to add it to your favorite RSS reader, or follow the blog if you're a fellow blogger user!  

Outpost Zero will have articles on Sci-Fi, board games, video games, and basically anything not covered by either this site,, or The Tapestry.  Keep your eyes peeled for some great articles by some great guys!
We expect to post a few times a week on the new site, and will settle into a more set schedule once we know what works best for all parties involved. 

With a 4th site added to the lineup, effective immediately WWPD (this main site) will no longer post on the weekends (at least not with any regularity). Since a large portion of our weekend articles are "Something Else Sundays" (which will now be covered by the new site), we decided the WWPD crew has earned the right to not worry about content for the weekends!

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