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Thursday, December 6, 2012

List Construction: 50th Tyne and Tees

As most of you guys know, British Late War is my first love in Flames of War.  When Version 3 came out, I really only played my Market-Garden British and my Germans.  I am now returning back to my roots with this new list.  I am going with 1750 because, hey -- I'm old school.

I am using Turning Tide and the 50th Tyne and Tees Infantry Company, which is Confident Veteran.

Command - 30 points.  1720 left.
Easy enough. I have to get a command which comes with 2 Rifle teams.  As with most British lists, there are not a ton of upgrades here, so I will stick with the minimum.  I get to re-roll my first failed Company Morale check with Dead Men Walking.

(2) Rifle Platoons - 180 points each.  1360 left.
 Again, no real options here.  These come with 6 Rifle/MG teams, a light mortar and a PIAT.  At 9 stands, these are not too bad, but will not be the main platoons of my force.

It is now time to add some mobile assets.  I like to run with at least 2 platoons that can run around the board and engage enemy tank assets.

Corps Anti-tank Platoon (SP), Royal Artillery (Confident Trained) - 260 points.  1,100 left.
This unit comes with 4 M10C 17pdrs.  I really love this unit.  The 13 AT is just amazing, and I like it being Trained to keep the cost down.  I also find that I am motivated to keep these hidden and safe when Trained, as they get shot up pretty bad in the open.

With V3 changes to flamethrowers, I think that the Crocodile platoon is out.  I need a substitute mobile unit.
Armoured Platoon (Reluctant Veteran) - 325 points.  775 left.
This platoon is also a great buy.  With the Firefly, I add another AT 13 asset to my force, along with 3 Cromwells that move 16".  The Cromwells have Protected Ammo and British Bulldog to help make up for being Reluctant.  I also like that this whole platoon has Semi-indirect fire, letting me get re-rolls to hit over 16" if I don't move.  This unit is a very good multi-purpose unit.

Now that I have 4 platoons, I need to start thinking about support and the number of platoons I am going to have.  I think 8 platoons is a good number with 775 points left.  I know I need to get some Recce and some smoke for this list.
Assault Field Battery (SP), Royal Artillery - 290 points.  485 left.
The 4 Priests and all the fixins are a big splurge.  Again, I like the versatility of this unit -- I can smoke, bombard really well with the British arty rules, chase stuff with the .50cals, etc.  I get a Staff Team, 2 Command Rifle teams, and a Sherman OP.  I add in the Jeeps and trucks to make this unit as mobile as possible.

Air Observation Post - 25 points.  460 left.

Recce Platoon - 285 points.  175 left.
I need Recce.  I want to be able to remove Gone to Ground, get a Recce move at the start of the game, and add in some mobile machine gun platforms.  This is a great opportunity to add in 2 platoons for under 300 points.  I go with 3 Humber IVs, 2 Humber LRC IIIs in the first, and 3 Universal Carriers plus 1 extra hull-mounted MG in the second (which are all purchased as one option).  With 3 AT 7 guns, and 2 AT4 AT Rifles, I should even be able to threaten Marders and other Recce units.  I also like that I have 5 teams in this unit to absorb hits.

The 3 Universal Carriers are perfect for sneaking up and removing GTG and count as a separate platoon.  If I find infantry or Nebs in the open, I can shoot them up pretty well.

Anti-tank Platoon - 140 points.  35 left.
I just cannot seem to give up on the 6 pdr gun.  I think that V3 really beefed these guys up, so I grab 4 of them and their Lloyd Carriers as well.  AT 10, ROF 3, 4+ FP that can hit both Infantry and Tanks sounds good to me.  On defense, I can really use these guys to harden up a strong point with the Infantry.

With just 35 points left, I scan around for something to help out my poor bloody infantry.

CSM Stan Hollis, VC - 35 points.  0 left.
Hollis gives me a boost to one of the infantry platoons.  He hits on a 2+ in Assaults, and his platoon passes Motivation tests on a 3+.  He also has an SMG which can help out as well.

I think this list is pretty balanced and should do well against most lists.  I may have some trouble with giant infantry blobs and I have no way of dealing with Aircraft.  Oh well, you can't best everything!

Got some ideas of your own?  Head on over to our Forums to discuss!

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