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Friday, December 28, 2012

Dirty Jon Goes Early War: Part 6 - THE LIST!

In Part 5, I completely dodged actually getting a list together for my Flames of War project for Early War.  Well, I finally got around to getting the list set, so here we go!

I really like the look of this list.  I consulted with Steven on the main construction, and we both think that I have some good punch.  The main units will be the Panzer II C (late) platoon, the Panzer III E plaoon, and I plan to Kampfgruppe the 2 Panzer II C (late) from each of the combat platoons. This will give me a 5-tank platoon and also give me a 6th platoon.  I will have to be very careful with the thin little platoons that are left over: I have 8 models spread over three platoons -- yikes!

To Paris!
I have to leave the 20 points absent here, as adding anything to the HQ would make me unable to pull off the Kampfgruppe move.  Bummer, indeed.

I felt the list needed the Limited Air to deal with any heavy French tanks I run into.  My options for strong guns are either weirdo, expensive, or both.  Let's hope I get lucky with air dice!

I considered putting in some infantry, but the cost just seemed all out of proportion to what I thought they could do for me.  Steven and I are going to play some scenarios with these guys, so I will likely use my 251Cs in grey with some Panzergrenadiers.

...or I can steal Steven's I painted for him?
Only 12 more tanks to paint!  Steven and I will be looking to play some games as soon as I can get off my duff and get these guys finished.

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