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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dirty Jon Goes Early War: Part 5 - Panzer IICs

Ok, so I lied.  In Part 4, I said that I would get a list together next.  Well, I didn't.  I was bored, so I broke in to the Light Panzer Company box and immediately grabbed 5 of the Pz IICs (early) from the box.  I have a ton of these to paint, so I figured I would get right in there.

5 tanks in a platoon is scary.  I cannot wait to strike terror into the hearts of the French forces of Steveaux!

Checking in at just 45 points per tank, I should be able to include these - no problem.  The tank also features a respectable AT5 with the 2cm gun.

In these pics, the tracks do not look very muddy, though they are in person.  I am getting a bit of a 'Grey Blob' look out of these, don't you think?

I did each number individually, as the decals I ordered are too big.  I scrounged numbers from a bunch of left over decal sheets.

I used the EW France unit logo on these guys.  I like this better and I think I might go back and re-do my PzIIIs.  I think modeling these for France puts me right in the middle of EW and would be a good choice.

AGAIN, I forget to add antenna before taking pictures.

So, I eventually need to come up with a list.  I will be doing a Light Panzer Company, so if I take PzIIIs - which I am - I cannot take PzIVs.  I need to sort out what I will do with heavy French tanks, as I cannot have 88s.  I think that air will have to be a part of my list.

Ideas for me?  Check out the Forum!

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