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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Choppers on patrol in Vietnam

There's somethin' happenin' here
 What can I say?  I've been drafted into 'nam.  Frankly, I have so much WWII stuff now, I was excited to paint something a little different.  These choppers were a blast!

Both of these were some of the originally released Wargames Illustrated versions in the blue box that I found at Brookhurst in LA.  I contacted Battlefront, who were kind enough to send me the plastic rotors and new flight stands to ensure that these choppers fit in with the rest of the series.
While painting these I watched Apocalypse Now, We Were Soldiers, and Platoon to get in the mood!

My Christmas gift was a whole mess of 'nam stuff (1500 point armies for the US and NVA).  Obviously it will take me a while to paint it all, but hey- it's all about that process right?

Painting the choppers was straight forward.  Black spraycoat followed by Vallejo BROWN VIOLET for a base.  The inside of the Slick is LONDON GREY.  The window reflections are RUSSIAN GREEN, GREEN GREY, and various inexpensive blues and greys from the local hobby shop.

Because these were the older versions, they did not come with decals.  Fortunately, I bought enough choppers such that all of my Slicks can have BF decals, while some of the decals on the Hog are by Mustang Games.  

These were fairly easy to do, though required some new techniques.  I used brush on gloss varnish over the windows, and think that effect worked well.

I'm really looking forward to getting a game in!  I almost never proxy on this site, but you all may have to endure seeing Soviet Strelkovy stand in for NVA for a bit.  I hope you can forgive me!

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