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Monday, December 10, 2012

Bolt Action - Bolt Action Radio Episode 5

Dano and Judson get into it again in Episode Five of Bolt Action Radio. In it, the boys talk about the amazing job forum users have done on their BoltAction.Net Painting Contest submissions. Dano also spreads the word of Bolt Action to various places in the Northeast and conventions are briefly discussed. Additionally, pbeccas offers up a video of his BA collection, the guys talk about transports, and as always, there's shop talk galore!
  • 000:00 Intro
  • 001:51 Painting Contest
  • 007:09 Traveling Dan
  • 014:24 Conventions
  • 016:51 pbeccas Video
  • 019:27 Transports
  • 062:00 Break
  • 063:00 Dano's Left Holding The Bag
  • 064:45 Shop Talk
  • 071:00 Specifically, List Talk
  • 127:55 Closing
For those that want to follow along at home during the shop talk session in the second half of the show, here's Dano's US list:
075- Regular 1st Lieutenant
072- Veteran Truck w. HMG
063- Regular Six Man squad w. 1 SMG
063- Regular Six Man squad w. 1 SMG
068- Regular Six Man squad w. 1 SMG, 1 BAR
068- Regular Six Man squad w. 1 SMG, 1 BAR
144- Regular Twelve Man squad w. ATGs
075- Regular Air Observer
050- Regular MMG
050- Regular MMG
050- Regular Medium Mortar
220- Regular Sherman 105mm w. HMG and Hedgerow Cutter
998- TOTAL

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