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Friday, December 28, 2012

Bolt Action - Review: Black Tree Design LMG Team

Over the holiday, I managed to get another unit painted for my Bolt Action army.  This time, I tackled the Black Tree Design US Infantry .30 cal team.

Again, the figures were nearly flash-free and looked very good out of the package.  I could tell right away that these were from a different line and/or sculptor, as the faces are a different style.  I decided to go for a more correct looking color for the '41 jackets and chose Russian Green from Vallejo - I think it turned out well.

A little ding in the barrel, which has been corrected.

This is our assistant gunner.  It seems counter-intuitive, but it was actually the assistant gunner who carrier the weapon -- the gunner carried the tripod so that he could place the weapon in the proper location.  It is interesting that he carries a standard cartridge belt, as I believe that the gunner and assistant gunner were equipped with M1911 pistols.  A big improvement on this model is the pattern for the helmet net and the inclusion of the leather strap outside of the net.  Jump boots are included again, making this guy a likely Ranger model.

This model seems 100% correct for the force I have chosen.  This seems to be an ammunition bearer with an M1 Carbine and an M1923 cartridge belt, leggings and '41 jacket.  I should paint the cotton ammunition belt down the middle of the belted ammo, but it didn't seem worth the time -- I can always add it later.

I shaved off the pockets of this '43 jacket.  You can tell that this jacket is a bit longer than the '41s seen modeled above.

This gentlemen seems to have lost his firearm. As an Ammo Bearer, he should be equipped with the M1 Carbine.

Overall, I still like these models very much.  I find it curious that the pack (and Bolt Action list rules) only include 3 men for an LMG section. I believe that the compliment was a Squad Leader (Carbine), Gunner (M1911), Assistant Gunner (M1911) and 2 Ammunition Bearers (Carbines).  I would also think that at least one of the models would be carrying the tripod, as firing an M1919 from the hip would be pretty difficult.

Having said all that, the models were a delight to work with.  The level of detail was good and the flashing was minimal.  Great models!

What do you think?  Discuss in our forums....

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