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Monday, December 3, 2012

AAR: Panzergrenadiers vs. 50th Tyne and Tees British Infantry

Eric and I played another Late War Flames of War game this weekend.  We rolled up Encounter and got to work.

Jon's List - CV Infantry:
HQ - 2 Rifle Teams
1st Platoon - 6 Rifle/MGs, Command, PIAT, Light Mortar
2nd Platoon - 6 Rifle/MGs, Command, PIAT, Light Mortar
4 M10C Achilles (CT)
3 Cromwells, 1 Firefly (RV)
Recce - 3 Humber Is, 2 Humber LRCs
3 Universal Carriers +1 extra MG
4 Priests with staff and OP Sherman
4 6pdr AT Guns
Stan Hollis

Eric's List - CV Infantry
HQ - 2 SMG Faust Teams
1st Platoon - 6 MGs, Command SMG Faust, Schreck
2nd Platoon - 6 MGs, Command SMG Faust
4 Panzer IVs (Represented by PzIIIMs)
4 Marder III Ns
3 Nebs
2 3" Mortars
Pioneers - 4 Rifles + Command
4 8-rads in 2 platoons

Brits in the south, Germans in the north.  I put all my armor on the left.

German grenadiers in the woods supported by PzIVs.

Armor ready to move out.

Brits guarding the objective with Stan Hollis.
I run it all out there on Turn 1.
CHARGE!  I killed one observer.
Germans hold fast.
Eric moves out with PzIVs to shoot my trained M10s.  1 guy bogs.
Eric smoked one and Stormtroopers away.
I get super reckless -- how bad can it be?
That's right!  .50cals on the Priests!  Grens are in the buildings off camera.
I bail 1 tank.  Ut oh.
The aftermath.  Dead platoon and some dead German Infantry.

Priests charge forward and wipe out the Nebs.
M10s move around and shoot some Infantry.

PzIVs move out to shoot the M10s.
Priests turn to the grens in the buildings.

Marders arrive from reserve.  With the PzIVs, they smoke the M10s.
Brit Recce arrives!
AOP lines up this sweet bombardment.  Can't roll a 4+ on 5 dice to range in.
Marders move toward the uncovered objective.

Recce moves down the road and kills a Marder.

Recce moves in to remove GTG.
PzIVs move to take out the Priests.  Eric's Recce arrives and stays pinned forever.
More Recce arrives and threatens the objective.
Marders only kill 1 Recce team and fail to Stormtrooper.  Return fire is gonna hurt.

Brit infantry arrives from reserves and the PIAT bails an 8-rad.  The Tank Terror is failed, so no assault.
Marders killed by Humber Is.
PzIVs kill off the Priests ... mostly.

Infantry kills the 8-rad and moves toward the Pioneers covering the objective with the CiC and 2iC.

6pdrs arrive.  Those blue trucks are Lloyd Carriers.
PzIVs run back to the objective....
...but might be too late for the resilient British.
5+ to hit?  No problem!  Does not result in any German casualties, however.
The Brits assault and wipe out the CiC, 2iC and enough platoons to put Eric below half.
The battle took forever!  At normal time, it was a 3-1 draw for Eric.  When we finally wrapped up 4 hours in, it was a 4-3 for me.

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