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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bolt Action - AAR: Commonwealth vs. Germans: Demolition

Dano and I finally got together for another weekend of gaming (FTX!) and ... Bolt Action ensued.

We rolled up a Demolition at some point over the weekend, and some Commonwealth and Germans squared-off. The Commonwealth forces consisted of eight mostly regular infantry units plus a Bren Carrier and a Crocodile. The Germans brought a smaller, mostly veteran force along with a Panzer IV and a Wirblewind.

As the initial maneuvers unfolded, the Germans decided to seize the initiative. The tanks, one of two 1LT units, and an infantry squad ran to the middle of the table, setting the Commonwealth on their heels.

The Germans waste no time and charge aggressively towards the British HQ!

The Crocodile rolls forward and misses a shot at the charging Panzer IV, while the infantry takes positions behind the line of hedges.

A Pz.IV and a Wirblewind run towards the British HQ!

The Panzer IV misses its return fire at the lumbering Crocodile, and the Wirblewind peppers the Commonwealth tank's hull with autocannon fire.

The Pz.IV and Churchill fire on each other, with little effect!

Given the positions of the German forces with respect to their HQ, the Crocodile is forced to halt its advance and open fire. The gunner finds his mark and blows up the Panzer IV with the tank's main gun, while its vehicle mounted flamethrower destroys the 2LT and his attendants. Unfortunately for the crew of the Churchill, they completely empty their fuel tank with the blast in their excitement.

The Churchill gunner finds his mark, while the vehicle flamethrower incinerates the German 2LT!

Seeing the success of the Churchill's fire, a Commonwealth rifle squad runs into a nearby building, positioning itself as a threat to the German HQ they cannot ignore. The remaining German 2LT and an infantry squad advance towards the building in response.

Meanwhile, the British rifle squad sneaks into a nearby bombed-out building.

With their 2LT dead, the remaining attacking German infantry charge the Commonwealth soldiers defending the hedge line that separated the Germans from their objective. Their defensive fire at the charging Germans manages to bring one down, but the close combat cannot be avoided. The motivated Germans smash through their position. They consolidate even closer to their objective, ignoring the colossal Churchill nearby.

The German commander's aggression has paid off! After successfully assaulting the rifle squad, it threatens the British HQ!

The Commonwealth commander is forced to change his plans. A squad of outflanking veteran troops is called back to defend the Commonwealth HQ. Fortunately for the British commander, they advance onto the scene with SMGs blazing. They nearly destroy the attacking Germans to a man - but their resolve holds and they stay to fight.

British SAS are forced to divert from their outflanking manuever to address the approaching German squad.

The British platoon commander attempts to destroy the remaining Germans, but fail to. The Wirblewind, in desperation, continues to pepper the Crocodile with rounds, hoping to pin the crew down.

Even the British platoon commander is drawn into the defense of the HQ!

A British spotter moves into position before their HQ, hoping to survive long enough to call-in a strike on the Germans. The last German LT and German infantry squad behind the Wirblewind focus their fire on the soldiers inside the building near the destroyed tank. The Commonwealth fighters manage to remain unscathed within its walls. 

Another 2LT moves-in to replace the one lost earlier, reorganizing his men for another assault.

Realizing the urgency of their situation, the SAS troopers charge the remaining German attackers. The grenadiers fight valiantly, but fall before the superior numbers of the British. The Wirblewind targets the British spotter, and destroys the unit.

The SAS squad assaults, leaving none of the German aggressors standing.

The threat removed, the Crocodile advances across the hedges, and blasts the Wirblewind. Rapidly, the tide of the battle turns.

Again the Churchill gunner finds his mark! Two Pz.IV hulls destroyed!

Seeing their chances at victory slip away, the German commander orders a infantry squad to rush the occupied building. The NCO from inside the building orders his squad to fire at the rushing enemy and kills half the squad. What remains of the squad continue their assault, but are destroyed by the seven men inside the building.

Withering British defensive fire kills several assaulting Germans, while that famous British resolve mops up the rest in close combat.

Another squad of Germans appear from the British left flank! They're one run order away from reaching the Commonwealth HQ! Amazing fire from the veteran troopers inflicts such a horrific toll on the attackers, they're forced to flee the field.

A final outflanking German squad arrives, dashing for the objective!

The last of the British outflankers reveals themselves, and a flamethrower kills another small German squad. The medic can do nothing but stand by and watch.

An outflanking British flamethrower devestates an German infantry squad.

All hope lost, the German medic team charges the flamethrower team, but fails to inflict casualties with its pistols.

Bravely, the German medic team advances on the British flamethrower, pistols blazing.

Seeing this aggression from a non-combatant, the tank commander orders the crew member manning the MMG to fire on the medic. The unit is destroyed as a result.

MMG fire from the Churchill finishes off the German medic team. "He fired first, we swear!"

With no real chance at victory, his forces eliminated to the man, the remaining German 2LT decides return to base to face the wrath of his superiors.

This was a fun game for both of us. Although it might not seem like it from the battle report, Dano's Germans were on the cusp of victory for the entire first half of the game. I was forced to defend my objective, instead of attacking his. If he could have tied me up for one more turn, this could have ended in a draw, as my ability to reach his headquarters would have been in question. Truly awesome game!

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