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Monday, November 5, 2012

US M5 3" Towed Tank Destroyers

Hey everybody!  Just a quick spotlight post today.  I've had this box of M5 3" towed TDs sitting around for ages, and as I've been in an American kick lately, I decided to get them off my to do list!  It seems that the box for these guys has been removed from the Online store, but this was formerly UBX22 (you can still find them around some places).  The box comes with the 4 guns and command.  I then added a Jeep blister and 4 bazookas.  I'll eventually add some halftracks to have the complete unit.

From Wikipedia: 3 inch Gun M5 was an anti-tank gun developed in the United States during World War II. The gun combined a 3-inch (76.2 mm) barrel of the anti-aircraft gun T9 and elements of the 105 mm howitzer M2. The M5 was issued exclusively to the US Army tank destroyer battalions starting in 1943. It saw combat in the Italian Campaign and in the Northwest Europe.

While the M5 outperformed earlier anti-tank guns in the US service, its effective employment was hindered by its heavy weight and ammunition-related issues. Losses suffered by towed TD battalions in the Battle of the Bulge and the existence of more mobile, better protected alternative in form of self-propelled tank destroyers led to gradual removal of the M5 from frontline service in 1945.
source: Wikipedia, 3 inch Gun M5
These were an enjoyable project.  Most of the figures are from the Golden age of US infantry.  Some of the bazooka guys I've had in my bitz box for 6 or 7 years, and they're still among my favorite Battlefront sculpts to this day!
The guns were also in good shape.  No significant clean up issues, and they painted up as easy as ever.  As usual, my US paint process is dead simple: Spray black, Vallejo Brown Violet base coat, drybrush with Vallejo Green Grey, black line, weather with a cheap "milk chocolate" hobby paint.  Voila!
Looking forward to getting these guys on the table!
As you can see, I plan to go back and add rear unit marks to all my American troops.  It hurts their pretiness a bit, but really helps identify what unit they belong to when things get mixed up on the table.
Thanks for looking!

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