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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Something Else Sunday - BoltAction.Net

For this early November issue of Something Else Sunday, Steve asked that I show the community around BoltAction.Net - the back of the WWPD classroom, where all the cool kids hang out. I'm more than happy to oblige.
German infantry charges a Churchill Crocodile in a recent Bolt Action game.
In the words of Dano, "Welcome to The BAR!" (Only it's spelled "BAH" when he says it.)

Things have really come a long way for us at BoltAction.Net in the last four months. If you haven't checked out the forum, come on over! There's a lot going on: Professor Aruba (ArbaTheHutt, for the uninitiated), delivers his (mostly) weekly lectures on Bolt Action tactics there; Dano spreads the religion that is Rules As Written; and DoctorDH hands out made-to-order avatars for anyone that asks!

We've got plenty of battle reports to pour over; even Steve's getting in on the action. Forum user ProfNexus has contributed two AARs, and all users willing to put the time in are encouraged to submit their battle reports for review, and potential publication.
In case you didn't know, Steve's into the desert stuff!
ProfNexus has provided some beautiful (and brutal) battle reports!
StuG IIIs take better pictures than the hit targets... when I command them.
There's a painting contest generously sponsored by Osprey Publishing and Warlord Games going on. The deadline's set for Christmas Eve, so get your entries in, if you're looking to rake in some prizes from Osprey and WG! We're judging three categories - first being best squad, second being best team, and third being best vehicle. Sure, you can paint in 15mm, but what about 28mm?
"zed"s entry in the BoltAction.Net Painting Contest. Beat that!
"dugkirby"s infantry squad will actually charge, then kill you, if you don't like its paint job. Seriously.
Dano and I took our show on the road at Fall-In this year, intending to expose as many people as possible to Bolt Action and the WWPD way. (I'd bet you thought that was going in a different direction once the word "expose" came up.) I think it was a great success, as people were shoulder to shoulder around the table. Honestly, these people probably only initially stopped by after hearing Dano from across the hall. Thinking there was a fight, or a run on Philly Cheese, they came over to gawk - but once they saw what was really going on, they were hooked. The following's a quick review from one of our attendees and forum users, "jmilesr". (His blog can be found here.)

"I decided to skip the third round of the tournament in favor of participating in one of the Bolt Action demo games put on by the WWPD Bolt Action crew (Dano and Judson). I had a great time and really liked the ruleset. The rules as best described as "Saga for WWII". The armies are relatively small (30-40 figures plus the odd tank) and the rule mechanics simple. There is a good feel for the benefits of combined arms and it's just a lot of fun. Dano and Judson did a great job as GM's/Emcee's and I pretty sure they have honed their joke delivery skills in the finest dives along the catskill mountains - I could swear I was hearing rim-shots after each punchline! It was a very fun event."

As a matter of fact, I took 81 all the way into PA, thereby avoiding the Catskill range - but there were plenty of glorious dive bars to hone my craft at along the way, regardless. Thank you for noticing!

Curious to see what a Bolt Action list looks like? Come check out our list generators! Duncan and I have spent some time making these tools for the community, and with the blessing of Warlord Games and Osprey Publishing, are able to offer them for free. Duncan's done a great job - they must be seen to be believed.
Beat your opponent before models hit the table! (OK, these listers won't really help you beat anyone. You're going to have to figure that out yourself. At least we're honest!)
Besides the list utilites, there are plenty of talented painters on the forum. The world famous "wow" guy, none other than Joe Mezz, has lent his painting abilities to several work in progress articles, not to mention painting my Commonwealth Infantry. (Troops I'm always proud to put on the table!)
You better hope this NCO isn't gesturing towards your troops!
I'd be foolish not to mention Bolt Action Radio - "THE BAAAAAH" (The BAR) - in an overview of the site. It's become as important a part of BoltAction.Net as the articles and contests themselves. You can check out the podcast here  or by using the WWPD app for your mobile device. 

BoltAction.Net has really grown faster than any of us could have imagined. There are a lot of projects in the works that I'd love to reveal to you all, but don't want to spoil anything, so stay tuned! If you haven't stopped by The BAR yet, do it today. Tell the bartender to charge your drinks to Dano's paypal account. He never reads these, so he'll be cool with it.

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