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Friday, November 2, 2012

Bolt Action - Painter Spotlight: Brendan Dolan (Plus Bonus Joe Mezz WiP!)

I found out about Brandon Dolan on the same day I got my greedy mits on a copy of Bolt Action. After tearing through the rules, and probably between my (laughable) performances at FoW MW Nationals, I began scouring the internet for quality 28mm WWII painters.
Warlord Games' Crocodile, painted and modeled by Brendan Dolan. Sorry Dano - vehicle-mounted flame thrower; it had to happen sooner or later.

Clearly, I had stumbled upon something greater than "quality" painting with Mr. Dolan! After receiving my first vehicles from him (StuG III, Puma, Hanomag) I quickly ordered more, before other people getting into Bolt Action found out about this guy.

His prices were excellent. There was a lot of  lower-quality work being done out there, going for more money, but his work was top notch and the prices were relatively very low.

If anyone's going to paint my Croc, it's going to be an Englishman! Nice work, Brendan!
I don't know if he's officially doing commission work, but I promised him I'd give him a plug anyways. His email address is . Drop him a line and maybe you can convince him to do a little work for you!

Warlord Games' Opel Blitz, painted by Brendan
Working with Brendan, from initial order to receipt, is a great experience. I can't say enough about the guy - but seriously, look at the wear and tear on the door and fenders of that truck. Look at it! Now!

The fearsome truck, laughingstock of FoW, hero of BA!
Looking at these vehicles he's done for me makes me want to go play BA. I'll leave you with one other shot, though, of my StuG III, Puma, and 251, which Brandon also modelled and painted.
Amazing. Just make sure you keep me at the top of your painting queue, brother!
  Next time you're thinking about having some commission work done for 28mm historical, contact . You won't regret it! Unless he tells you he's not accepting any more commissions at the moment, in which case, you'll regret that you didn't email him sooner.

From Joe:
Greetings Troops,

     Quick post for this morning's briefing.  I just wanted to share the completed photo of the Lt, NCO and Radio Man of HQ.  They have been based with sand, painted with Brown Sand paint and finished with static grass.  I recently got my missing Combat Medic from Warlord in the mail so he will be next up in the production que.

Remember .... "I'm up, They see me, I'm down!"

Joe ... aka "Mezz"

(And a big thank you to Joe for putting my Brits ahead of these troops in his queue, so that they'd be ready before Fall-In! You're my hero, Medic Joe! Got any cigs or cakes? - Judson)

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