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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Zealand Trip Diary: Part 3

Second day at the office.  Not a whole lot new to report, but hopefully some enlightening pictures.  We  nearly completed the interviews today- but even after spending a few hours with Phil, there's lots of stones left to overturn!

The morning kicked off with another in depth discussion about Soviet tanks from the playtesting night before.  Almost all hands were on deck and numerous solutions were presented- most of which were thought through to their conclusion and shown to not be a viable solution.  It was enlightening to witness and I got a real sense of both the frustration faced by the team, but also the desire to solve the problem.  Without doubt, soviet tanks present a real conundrum to the design team and there's no magic bullet solution.

After a day full of interviews, I played Battlestar Galactica with Chris, Blake, Sean, Victor, and James.  James and I wound up being the Cylons and solidly beating the humans.

A lot of what I did today will be seen a bit down the road when we've had time to edit the videos.  For now, here's another picture dump!

The crew perusing the forums

Playtesting material

Taking some Vietnam photos

The Setup
The Result
One of the many photo taking areas with some new terrain
The warehouse- Open Fire just arrived

 And now, playtesting tables:

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