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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bolt Action - Steve's Desert Rats (900 points or so)

I know you all have kept up with Sonbae's excellent WIP posts showing off the work he'd done for me, but I was so excited to get them I had to photograph them for myself!  I've made an attempt to categorize and point them here, and have come up with around 900 points or so.  The infantry is all by Blacktree Design.  

Veteran 1st LT, + extra man.  103 points.
1st Squad: 6 Veterans + SMG + Bren LMG.  101 points.

2nd Squad: 6 Veterans + Bren LMG + AT Grenades.  110 points.

3rd Squad: 6 Veterans + Bren LMG + SMG.  101 points.

Veteran MMG.  65 points.

Veteran Medium Mortar + Observer (not pictured).  75 points.

Observers (1 free Regular Observer, 1 mortar observer).  Veteran Artillery Observer + Extra Man.  128 Points.

The Whole group at 900ish points. 
Moving forward, I've ordered the Universal Carriers box from Warlord Games which comes with 2 carriers.  I'll probably give one to the LT and one to the observers.  I'd also like to bulk out some of the infantry, get a howitzer of some kind, and throw a 2 pounder in there.  Right now there is really no anti-tank capability other than the grant!

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