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Friday, November 23, 2012

Bolt Action - Steve's Afrika Korps (900 Points or so)

I wanted to highlight the painting Sonbae did for me and talk about how I've organized the forces a bit.  Of course, I have no idea yet what I am doing with Bolt Action, so take all of this with a grain of salt!  Mostly I just bought some random dudes and had a buddy paint them.  Moving forward, I will add to the force and play a few times to see what I'd like in my repertoire!  All the infantry here are by BlackTree Design 

Vet 1st LT with extra man and Vet Artillery Observer.  103 and 115 points.

1st Squad- 6 Veterans with 2 LMGs.  118 points.

2nd Squad- 7 veterans, 2 LMGs, 2 SMGs.  134 points.

3rd Squad.  8 Veterans, 3 SMGs.  113 points.

Vet Light Mortar.  46 points.

Vet MMG.  65 Points.

The whole force
As pictured (with the Panzer IV F2), the force is just under 1000 points.  If I drop the Panzer IV down to a Panzer IV E (with the magnetized gun barrel!) I save about 70 points which puts it on par with my brits (who are right now around 900).  That leaves these boys woefully short on anti-tank, however!

Coming up next, I've ordered a Hannomag from Warlord Games.  After that, I plan to add some more infantry, a 7.5cm infantry gun, and a pak 36.  Oh and an armored car.  Oh and an 88.  Oh, and some trucks....

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