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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

KV-1s Platoon

Yet another story of "I got it CHEAP!"  At some point, I picked up the KV-1s Heavy Tank Company (SBX04) in the flea market - I think at Historicon 2012 - for $25.  The plan was to paint these and sell them at the next HMGS convention, but Steven snagged them first.  I did manage a few pictures before he took them home.
I primed these with hardware store camouflage paint, since I was out of Soviet armor.

I went back and painted the base coat on these with Russian Green (894)

I dry-brushed these with Russian Uniform (924)

I had no issues with casting on these guys at all - everything cleaned up nice and quick.

I used the included decals and added all the bells and whistles -- I think it looks cool.  I sprayed these with Gloss Varnish and put on some black wash to shade these up.  As always, finished off with Testors Dull Cote.

I tried to make the fuel tanks look a little rusty and put some fuel spillage on with black wash.  I use a combo of Dark Rust (302) and Yellowish Rust (303) dry-brushed on. 

Thanks for looking at these guys!  You might see them in a battle report soon!

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