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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall In 2012 Picture Dump #1!

This one doesn't quite compare with Joe's upcoming post, but I figured I'd dump my pics as well!  Lots of great gaming to be had.  Thanks to the crew of WWPD, HMGS, I-95, and everyone who came to have a good time with us!  The live show went well and will be posted shortly.

Most of these pictures were already posted on our twitter, so go follow us!
Imperials Dirty Jon, Joe, Hesht and John Desch square off against Allen, Luke, Bill and I.  Matt is reading something.

An Ioned TIE Fighter

The Rebels try to escort Shuttles across the board with the teams switched up.

Can't... Hold it!

The Dealer Hall

Battlestar Galactica!  Chris Miller, Me, and Joe all wound up being Cylons.

Joe was the star of the show. 

Saga game one against some Vikings!

Ranged weapons!


Bolt Action Demo getting underway
Fellas playing BSG after the live show


X-Wing after the live show

Post live show game zone



Blood in the arena

Bolt Action in the dark

Funniest board game cover I saw

"Stay on Target"

Who you gonna call?

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