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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bolt Action - Review: Warlord Games British Infantry

Greetings Troops,

     I recently finished up some British Infantry for Judson and Danno to present at Fall In.  I am but a humble guy and painter as many of you know, I am quite happy to know that Judson is excited about them.  We got them to hit the table in a friendly game of Bolt Action after the live podcast at Fall In this past weekend. 

The whole platoon of infantry !
(Joe did a spectacular job painting me up the necessities for a Commonwealth force. I don't want to play my Germans anymore... Thanks a lot, Joe! - Judson)

     The above shot is the entire group he sent to me for painting.  It included one Warlord box set of plastic infantry and a blister of command soldiers.  A total of 29 finely tuned tea drinking chaps!

Piat Support

     I built one Piat team for Judson to assist with any nasty vehicles that may show for battle.  It consist of one PIAT armed soldier and his support comrade.  The support guy is armed with a rifle and has the PIAT tubes on his base. This allows Judson to use him as a support soldier or just another rifleman.

Group I

Group II

Group III

Command Staff

     I made two fine fellows holding grenades, one standing and one kneeling.  Judson used these two to help identify his NCOs in the squads. BRILLIANT !  The fella in the above photo is one of models I enjoyed building.


     Another pose I seemed to keep looking at and enjoying was the NCO pointing.  Just something about it that stands tall and emits authority.  His pose can aid in finding NCOs or commanding officers in the field.

     Judson requested two SMGs and two LMGs for his British.  I love this pose for one of his SMGs.  I caught myself making machine gun noises everytime I worked on this guy.

     This PIAT took a couple of minutes to figure out how to assemble.  The extra work made me love the pose.  Just something about him and the look of hurt coming to some axis players.  Who can resist the urge to make a loud spring noise when rolling dice for firing this weapon.

     I have been very impressed with Warlord's miniatures.  The plastics are well cast and very detailed.  On top of that they give you numerous options and bits to detail out your troops.  Some may complain or not enjoy the plastics.  That is a fair but I have truly enjoyed the time spent on these.  Thanks Judson for allowing me the opportunity to assemble and paint these British chaps for him !  Enjoy broski !

Remember ... I'm up, They see me, I'm down. !

Joe ... aka Mezz

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