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Monday, November 19, 2012

Bolt Action - Review: British Grant I by Company B

This is the Grant kit by Company B that I've had sitting around for far too long!  I knocked out the Panzer IV almost as soon as they came in, and then weeks went by before I finished this up.  This kit was a bit more challenging than the Panzer IV to assemble.  Some of the resin detail was chipped away (the chain on the back of the tank I replaced using twisted dental floss as it had crumbled away).  But the detail was generally quite good- the rivets are just right and the metal pieces were in fine shape.  I had to finagle the sand skirts a bit to fit right, but nothing too rough.

Painting it was a joy!  I used the British Armor Spray (desert) by Battlefront for the base.  This color came out perfectly and matched the Vallejo DARK SAND just fine.  This was highlighted with Vallejo PALE SAND.  The camo is Vallejo BRONZE GREEN with a GREEN GREY highlight added.

Finally, the decals I ordered from Company B were also spot on.  Easy to work with, and no issues whatsoever.  I hit the tank with a gloss cote, then added the decals using some Testor's setting solution. Finally, I used dullcote to finish it all off.

I'm quite happy with the tank- I probably could've spent some more time on it, but for the next few weeks my time is extremely limited and I wanted this guy done!

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