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Monday, November 12, 2012

Bolt Action - Review: British Command Blister

Greetings Chaps,

     Recently, you have read about Judson's British soldiers hitting the table.  I wanted to spotlight the Infantry Command Blister so you could see its contents.  Enjoy !

 The blister comes with 4 figures and bases.  One officer, an NCO, a combat medic and one radioman round out the set.  The cast are great and there was little if no clean up.

     Three of the figures had the option to change out the head.  One of the bonuses of Warlord's figure line is the multiple faces you can place on each figure.  The set doesn't come with extra heads but you are able to swap or use other bits to make each figure your own.

Combat Medic
      The combat medic is the easiest to pick out in the group.  He is armed with his stretcher and ready to aid the troops.  Whether it is battle wounds, cigarettes or knowing when and where the chow is, the combat medic is the man.

      The NCO figure is a great sculpt.  He has a purpose and look of authority look to him.  It was a fabulous time assembling and painting him.

NCO in full knowing glory

The "Old Man"

Close up of the boss

Ready to lead !

     Warlord hits another home run with this blister.  I enjoy their products every time I crack open a blister or box of theirs.  Clean up nice, take primers and paints well and look fabulous on the gaming table.

Remember ... I'm up, They see me, I'm down.

Joe ... aka Mezz

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