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Friday, November 16, 2012

Battlefront's Desert Hazards (BB125)

All this is included in the box, in addition to 2 bags of flock/grass
 For some reason, after I picked up slews of Battlefront's Battlefield in a Box desert terrain, I never got around to grabbing these desert hazards.  But while at Fall In, I snagged a copy off Minis of Chesapeake, and was quite impressed when I tore the box open!

Panzer III and Italian truck
 To be honest, I was really not expecting the pre-painting to be so good.  The tanks are the appropriate colors with stowage picked out, drybrushing, camo etc.

Italian and British tanks
The material of the set pieces is a standard resin while the bases are identical to their desert tree line- a flexible rubbery material.

Rocky Ground

Bags of flock included
I spent just a few minutes adding the flock, and felt like they were table top ready!
Right out of the box they look great on the table!
Quite happy with these pieces, I wish I had picked them up sooner.

The whole collection
I'm sorry I let this one slip through the cracks- I am really quite happy with this set!  The pieces I got in person look even better than those shown in the spotlight on the Battlefront site, which was a pleasant surprise.  With a price point of only US $30, I don't believe I could be happier with this set.

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