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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bolt Action - AAR: Soviets vs. Germans: Hold Until Relieved (City Fight!)

Chris Boynton (ProfNexus) set the bar (not The BAR) pretty high when he sent me the first battle report from his group's recent Stalingrad event - but when he sent me his second battle report I was absolutely blown away! Enjoy! - Judson

Fresh off our big Stalingrad themed game day, we decided to assemble some of the best bits of terrain we could find to do another Bolt Action battle report. Tony, Larry and I convened at Dirigo Hobbies in Yarmouth Maine to do battle in the streets once again.

We decided to play Hold Until Releived, with the Soviets defending. Here are some shots of the table.

The table! Love that debris!

 How's this going to do affect the property value?

I think the mortgage holder is now officially under water.

Sure, the property needs a little work - but what a great downtown location!
The Soviets would be defending the intact house in the middle of the board.

The objective - relatively intact!
The Soviets fielded a veteran 1st Lt., 3 regular squads, a free inexperienced squad, a squad of veteran SMG troops, a MMG, an ATR, a T-34, and a sniper.

Ten Soviet units - a Commisar's Dozen.

The Germans had a 1st Lt., 3 squads, a flamethrower, an MMG, a sniper, and a sIG 33 auf Pz III, using the stats for a StuH 42.

Those are some fat German infantry squads! And check out the Bison! (I think it's a Bison...)
The Russians put an MMG on the first floor of the building.

The veteran SMG's held the ground floor.

The Germans set up around the house - one squad in a shellhole...

...sniper and MMG on the first floor of a building facing the objective...

...and a flamethrower team ready to assault.

With the rest of the Russians and the German assault gun waiting off table, we started.

A Soviet sniper moved on and took aim at the Germans in the shellhole.

A Russian squad escorts the T-34.

Germans advance on the objective.

The roof can be repaired later! We need to get this place before interest rates go back up!
Germans on one side of the house, Russians on the other. Who will be first to the objective?

The Germans manage to assault the defending SMG squad before Soviet reinforcements arrive...

Hate to see that as the guy controlling the squad that's being attacked in close combat...

...and the results are devestating!

However, the Russians have a tank, and they aren't giving up easily.

The German squad on the ground floor starts to accumulate pins.

The Germans pour fire into the Soviet squad by the house, and the flamethrower team moves up to cook the T-34!

Meanwhile in the house, the Soviet MMG has been unable to get anything done due to a couple of pins. The German flamethrower team runs upstairs, setting up a showdown for the ownership of the house.

Outside the house, the German assault gun wrecks a couple of Russian squads.

The MMG team desperately charges the German flamethrower. In the first round of close combat, each side suffers a casualty. A tie! In the second round, the last Russian in the house is killed!

Last men standing! They had to fight upstairs, as they couldn't get any footing on the mound of bodies downstairs!

With that, we called the game in favor of the Germans. The house was pretty much isolated from further Soviet reinforcements, and the Germans had one very pinned squad and a one man flamethrower team inside.

What a brawl!

In hindsight, the Russians would have been better off with two infantry squads in the building rather than one and the MMG. The MMG had pins on it the whole game, and it was too small to take on the flamethrower team. Still, if the MMG crew had managed to beat the Germans in close combat, the survivor could have gotten to the attic and probably would have contested the house until the end of the game.
The German assault gun was a beast. It wrecked a couple of squads and slowed down another just enough to keep the Russians from reinforcing the house. But the "men of the match" were surely the flamethrower team, taking down the T34 and withstanding a desperate Soviet assault to win the game.

On the Russian side, the Inexperienced squad actually turned out to be a top performer. They combined with the sniper to hopelessly pin some Veteran Germans, and were advancing to wipe them out until the assault gun took notice...

Special thanks to Tony for making up all the fantastic Stalingrad terrain. Hopefully we can get another game in before the holidays!

Thank you, Chris, for another awesome report. I hope you can get another one in before the holidays, too! - Judson

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