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Saturday, October 6, 2012

WWPD Partner Picks for October 6th 2012

1000 points of Dystopian Wars French on Wargames and Painting
While Big Gazza's excellent painting blog is not technically part of the WWPD Network, BG is OG as it were, and his painting was too amazing not to show you!  Big Gazza's painting rightly graces the pages of the Bolt Action rule book, and his painting is second to none.

From the article: Didn't want to go for a historic 'Dazzle' pattern or copy the colour scheme from the box so I invented this new scheme with 4 bands of grey on the larger ships that get lighter to wards the front or at the water line of the ships.

September Campaign Part II Preview on Anatoli's Game Room
Anatoli has been working hard on the 2nd part of his excellent September Campaign.  The first half is largely OOBs (or army lists for FoW), while this part focuses more on the campaign's historical information.  With his usual high quality presentation, this is a download you won't want to miss!

From the article: First of all, the content of this half will be more interesting and more open to gamers and Early War interested people outside of the immediate Flames of War sphere. While you could enjoy the information in the Orders of Battle section it was in the end written with Flames of War in mind. The campaign section will contain historical information, scenarios and a hobby section that is a lot more general. 

Who Are Ya? By the Kapiti FoW Gamers
Paul over at The Kapiti FoW Gamers takes a broad look at the four major nationalities and how they're represented in Flames of War.  This is a very good overview for newer players, and a fun read for vets.

Snippet from the article:  If tactical flair and the nuance of military theory are your thing, don’t collect Soviets! The hammer and sickle is a very apt emblem for the Commies, in fact just the hammer would do nicely.

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