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Friday, October 19, 2012

When Rifles Just Aren't Good Enough (Winter US)....

Here's some quick snapshots of two of the new U.S. winter support blisters - Weapons Platoon Winter (US706) and HMG Platoon Winter (US755). There's not a whole lot to say about these figures - a lot of the figures were duplicated in the Armored Rifle Platoon and Combat Engineer Platoon reviews I did earlier. I did take some loose step-by-step pictures of the Weapons Platoon in progress so you can see how they progressed. 
I started by gluing the figures in the slotted bases (which are awesome btw!) and laying a simple layer of  my usual basing material. Its not essential to 100% cover the bases since we'll be adding snow flock later.

Applied a very light coat of primer through my airbrush.

Basecoated the infantry with the airbrush as well.

Preliminary base work - a coat of white paint over the basing material with a light brown wash to give it some visual texture  so the final product isn't just a pure white base.

Finished basecoating figures. I pick out boots, pouches/straps, skin, guns, and helmets with paint. I then brush on a light coat of quickshade.

And the finished product!

If we had helos hovering above, this is what they'd see

The three 60mm mortars!

More helo shots

I won't bore you with another step by step, but here's the HMG platoon (although I forgot to snap shots of the command stand!)

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