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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bolt Action - Warlord Games British Infantry Unboxing

Hello Chaps,

     I recently received in the mail a package from Judson.  I am humble to say that he wanted me to assemble and paint his British infantry and HQ for Fall-In 2012.  It is a perfect time to open up the box and get you the reader some inside views of the plastics.  The British Infantry Box Set from Warlord Games.
How can this box NOT get you excited ?

     As you can see, this box set contains 25 hard charging, tea drinking, loyal to the King troops.  These plastic figures come with all sorts of weapons and pose options to make your forces very unique.

Motivation in Color !

     The back of the box not only is in color, but it offers what goodies are to be found inside the box.  It depicts the Warlord graphic showing the head swap option.  If you are not familiar with Warlord products, this is an icon of Warlord Games, and a great option to make the figures your own. It's surprising how different two nearly identical models can appear by simply swapping heads! Some say the faces are cartoon like and I am on the fence.  Yes, they are different and cartoon like BUT it helps with the painting and making them pop with various painting styles.

Tiny !

     The set comes with great looking decals for the Tyne and Tees !  I have not worked with these decals and am on the fence about dedicating models with specific unit decals.  I like to be able to use the forces at any time of the war period in question and not worry if specific units were present or not.  Neverless, these decals are great looking and should be a nice POP if you choose to use them.

Weapon and Equipment sprue

     The weapon sprue allows all sort of options.  Rifles can be armed with or without bayonets. Pistols can be placed on men to symbol officers or a last ditch effort to defend oneself.  Backpacks, pioneer tools, PIATs and grenades are some of the other options you can add.  Any modeler will be excited to see what looks they can accomplish.

Figure Sprue

     The figure sprue is well rounded.  Poses range numerous action types from urgent to relaxed.  Head types allow you to match the theme or look your trying to accomplish.  One IMPORTANT factor to remember is you must match the correct arms with the weapons and actions you wish to model.  GOOD thing for us is that Warlord provided an excellent reference sheet to complete your project.  BAD thing is the sprues are not numbered to match the instructional sheet.  DO NOT cut items off the sprue before doubling checking its what you want and should be using !

Another view of the figure sprue

     Look for future WIPs regarding this box set.  Attendees of Fall-In will have a chance to see these chaps up front during our WWPD Bolt Action.Net games ! (And remember, even if the game itself is full, spectators are encouraged! Stop by and check it out! We're listed in the Fall-In catalogue at and our two events run from 1 to 5. Stop by! - Judson)

Remember ... I'm up, They see me, I'm down !

Joe ... aka Mezz

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